Home And Auto Sanitize Services
Home  Auto Business Sanitize Services

Moving into your new home?
Sanitize it for a peace of mind.


Spraying the interior of your vehicle.
Eliminates viruses, bacteria, germs and odors.
Disinfects all contact surfaces. Family and Pet safe.
Sanitizes seats, vents, steering wheel, etc.
We will come to you ($40 for all car or SUV.)


Restaurants and Cafes
Retail Stores

Our Mission, Vision, Values & Guarantee

Our Misson

We establish safe conditions, using our sterilization administrations to shield customers and faculty from regular daily existence . This empowers us to advance security, quality, and worth in your regular day to day existence.

Our Vision

Furnish our clients with greatness through our insight and experience. We keep on utilizing development and top notch administrations for our potential benefit to convey greatness for human wellbeing and personal satisfaction.

Our Values

Greatness, information, examination, consistent development, excellent assistance, focused on human wellbeing, true serenity, and personal satisfaction.

Our Guarantee

Safe Space seal is assured that our procedure will proceed to provide disinfectant requirements whilst maintaining your household protected from pathogens and stopping viable outbreaks.

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  1. I live in Scarborough and my grandfather went into the hospital for COVID. We were told that his apartment needed to be disinfected before he was able to return. I had to find a company to clean the apartment. I called homeautosan.com and they gave me a great quote and time they would arrive and they were on time. Great tech, great service, great price and great customer service! I highly recommend them for any of your disinfectant purposes!

  2. Got sanitize before stage 3 of COVID hit their service is the BEST I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED. I’ve been having issues with my family from Covid so I call them and they has been super quick to respond (less than 1 business day) and the next day they come and sanitize my house with in an hour. They’ve earned a customer for life. Thank you guys!

  3. Great Client Service and Quality. Professionalism and Personal is Outstanding especially Adam Hartwell. Thank you for helping us keep our gym healthy and safe for our members and Staff.

  4. I’m so glad I found this place because I do UBER drive so I like to get my car sanitize every week, they actually come to my location without the hassle going there and it is great for their service.

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